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General Information

Students are required to complete and submit only one assignment in each module. The assignments are designed to encourage students to prepare thoroughly and make observations and recommendations in the specific field of study.

The assignments also allow students to assess their progress, while feedback enables students to ascertain what areas they may need to focus on before writing their examinations.

Assignments must be submitted to the IMM Graduate School of Marketing (IMM GSM) on or before the specified date. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the IMM GSM has received his/her assignment/s on or before the specified date. It is recommended that the assignment is typed as marks will be awarded for presentation. Please see the style guidelines on the website or at any of the IMM GSM offices.

Please note:

  • No extensions for submission will be granted after the published due dates
  • Faxed and e-mailed assignments will not be accepted
  • Assignment marks cannot, under any circumstances, be carried over from one semester to another
  • Assignment results are final. The IMM GSM will not re-mark assignments
  • Assignment question papers are available at any IMM GSM office. Please check our calendar regarding the dates on which the assignment question papers become available
  • Assignments will be accepted up to 3:00pm on the closing date. Those received after 3:00pm of the submission date, but before 5:00pm on the following day, will be regarded as Late Assignments and will have 25 marks deducted. Assignments received thereafter will be regarded as Overdue Assignments and will not be submitted for marking
  • The IMM GSM reserves the right to alter the format of its assignment question papers at any time

Assignment results

The assignment mark constitutes 20% of the total assessment mark. Assignment results are released (as percentages) on the specified date. After each assignment mark release date, a comprehensive marking memorandum per module is placed on The Student Portal to assist you in judging your performance.

No assignment results will be released for a student if there are any outstanding fees owed to the IMM GSM by that student.


Please note assignments must be handed in at one of the following venues:

Suite N & P
Sam Levy's Village

Assignments may be delivered in one of the following ways

In order to assist students as much as possible, the IMM GSM will receive assignments in any of the following ways:

  • Via the IMM GSM offices - if an assignment is delivered to the IMM GSM offices, you will receive a receipt as proof of the submission of the assignment
  • Via electronic receipt system as will be determined from time to time. Only specific modules will be accepted electronically
  • Via normal postregistered post or courier service - if you wish to submit your assignment by means of normal or registered post, you must post your assignment well in advance of the submission date in order to ensure that it is received by the IMM GSM on or before the assignment submission date. If the assignment is received after the due date, the IMM GSM retains the envelope as proof of date of postage. If the date of postage indicates that the assignment was posted at least three weeks before the due date, the assignment will be accepted. An assignment can also be submitted via courier service, but you must allow the appropriate time for the courier service to deliver the assignment to the IMM GSM offices. If an assignment is received after the due date, the courier documentation specifying the date and time of receipt by the courier company is retained by the IMM GSM. If it is determined that the delay lies with the courier service, the assignment will be accepted. The IMM GSM is not responsible for the loss of assignments sent via normal post. It is the student's responsibility to ensure the assignments have arrived at the IMM GSM office timeously and to request an assignment receipt.

Please note that assignments may NOT be submitted by facsimile or e-mail.