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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Payment

  • A student of the IMM Graduate School of Marketing (IMM GSM) is defined as an individual who has registered for an academic programme offered by the IMM GSM as published in the IMM GSM Prospectus
  • By signing the student enrolment agreement, such student agrees that:

    • He/she will abide by the rules and regulations as set out in both the IMM GSM Student Yearbook and the Code of Conduct
    • He/she understands and accepts that upon his/her enrolment, he/she immediately becomes liable for the full programme fee and undertake to pay the full programme fee no later than the due date/s stipulated
    • All fees are due no later than the registration closing date – being either 1 March or 1 August
    • Failure to settle any outstanding monies will result in the student/sponsor being handed over to debt collectors. The student/sponsor will take responsibility for all costs that accompany such a hand-over
    • In the event of non-payment of any amount due, in addition to any other remedies that it may have in terms of this agreement or at law, the IMM GSM has the right to:

      • Terminate the student enrolment; and /or
      • Retain all monies already received; and/or
      • Claim damages, which may include immediate payment of all arrear payments; and/or
      • Suspend the student due to non-payment; and/or
      • Claim the full amount of the contract, which shall become due and payable immediately
      • The student enrolment agreement (together with all rules and regulations published in the Student Yearbook) constitutes the full agreement between the IMM GSM and the Student, and no alteration, cancellation or variation thereof shall be of any force unless it is reduced to writing and signed by both parties
      • I agree to allow IMM GSM to use my information to trace me, if necessary