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Academic Board

The Academic Board of the IMM Graduate School of Marketing (IMM GSM) is represented by members of the marketing industry of South Africa and academics from reputable universities and business schools in South Africa. This is the highest academic decision-making authority of the IMM GSM. It oversees all of the academic quality assurance processes to ensure that students receive the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise needed to meet the demands of the market place and excel within a dynamic and ever-changing working environment. The highly-qualified members of the IMM GSM Academic Board and their established committees ensure that the content and quality of the IMM GSM programmes, supporting guides and textbooks are current and in line with progressive marketing principles and developments.

The Academic Board of the IMM GSM is committed to the following ethos:

  • To acknowledge the human dignity and worth of all South Africans and recognise that learner-centred education of the highest standard is the way to improve quality of life, equality and the advancement of human rights and freedom of all South African citizens.
  • To align all IMM GSM policies and procedures to give effect and enhance the transformation of education in order to address the imbalances of the past and, in doing so, contribute significantly to the development of the workforce of southern Africa.