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General Information

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Supplementary examinations

Because the IMM GSM has two formal examination sessions per year (May and October), supplementary examinations are not offered.

Note: Once marked, examination scripts are moderated to ensure accuracy, fairness and consistency of marking. Examination results, once published, are FINAL.

Non-appearance at examination venue

Students who fail to arrive at the examination venue will not be permitted to have their fees credited for the next examination session. Students who have failed to attend an examination due to medical reasons must submit an original or certified copy of the medical documentation to their closest IMM GSM office within two weeks of the examination date.

Release of results

The release dates for the examinations are available on the website and in the prospectus. Your examination results will be posted to you and will also be available at the IMM GSM office and regional offices and your Additional Tuition Centres. To facilitate the process further, students may view their results on the Student Portal.

Identification at the examination venue

Students must produce a valid form of identification at the examination venue such as an original ID document, passport or drivers licence (with photograph). Such form of identification is compulsory in order to gain access into an examination venue.

Examination confirmation

Students must ensure they have printed their confirmation letter, no later than two weeks prior to the start of each examination session. This confirmation provides the following information:

  • Examination modules for which the student has been registered;
  • The date and time on which each module is to be written;
  • The venue at which the student has registered to write.

Students who are not in possession of an Examination Confirmation Letter may download the letter from the student portal section of the IMM GSM website or contact an IMM GSM office two weeks prior to the start of any one examination session. This is important as students are required to produce this Examination Confirmation Letter at the examination venue prior to writing the examination. Failure to present the Examination Confirmation Letter at the examination venue will result in a student being admitted after the start of the examination session or may result in a student being refused entry into the examination venue, which may result in a late start. The doors to the examinations venues close 10 minutes prior to the start of the examination.

Students who arrive late at an examination venue (up to one hour) will have the rules read to them before they will be permitted to enter the examination venue.

Cancellation of examination registration – special circumstances

Students who wish to cancel examinations after the examination cancellation date due to special circumstances, must submit an original, or certified copy, of all relevant documentation to an IMM GSM office within 14 days of that examination, together with a special examination cancellation form. If cancelling for medical reasons, the doctor's note must clearly state that you were not able to attend the scheduled examination date. Occupational/work commitments and extra-curricular activities are not accepted as grounds for cancelling examinations. You are expected to plan ahead and schedule your workload accordingly. The outcome of the appeal will be considered three (3) weeks after the examination session is completed.

A special cancellation fee applies. Please refer to the fee structure. Cancellations are not automatically granted.

Cancellation of Assessment Registration

Students who wish to cancel their examination registration wholly, or in part, are required to do so in writing by the due date as published on the Calendar of Events. Any monies paid for these examinations will be credited to the student's account, less an administration fee, and will be used to offset the costs of his/her examination/s in the next examination session. Please note that annual student support fees and new student support fees are non-refundable. If an assessment has been submitted but not marked, an administration fee will be charged. If an assignment has been submitted and marked, an assignment marking fee per module will be charged. Assignment marks cannot be carried over to the next semester. When registering for the cancelled module, you will need to submit a new assignment. It is your responsibility to ensure that you register for the cancelled modules as you will not automatically be registered.

Open-book examinations

The IMM GSM has open-book examinations for International Export Trade Strategy 3 (ETS301); Export/International Trade Strategy (EIT); Marketing Strategy (M4); Marketing 3 (MAR303); Advanced Brand Management 4 (ABM401); Advanced Contemporary Marketing Management Issues 4 ( ACM401); Advanced Digital Marketing (ADM401); Advanced Global Marketing 4 (AGM401); Advanced Services Marketing 4 (ASER401); Advanced Strategic Marketing: Theory and Practice 4 (ASM401); Advanced Marketing Research Theory 4 (AMRT401).

Good Answer Booklets

Good Answer Booklets for the last three examination sessions, for certain first year Diploma modules, are available upon registration. They are available on the student portal. These booklets contain examination answers of exceptional quality (by students), selected from the previous examination sessions.

Past examination papers

Examination question papers for the last examination session are available upon registration. They are also available on the student's portal.

The purpose of the past papers is to:

  • give students an indication of the nature and type of examination questions asked in previous examinations;
  • provide students with guidelines as to how to approach the answer to questions posed in previous examinations;
  • Assist students in the revision stages of their study programme.

Please note: Examination questions do not always cover all aspects of the syllabus. Thus, working through past papers only is NOT regarded as sufficient preparation for the examination. Examination papers are not always structured in the same way. The IMM GSM reserves the right to alter the format of its examination papers at any time without notice.

Extra time/Scribe

Students wishing to make use of a scribe during an examination session must submit, on an ANNUAL basis, an updated declaration by an Educational Psychologist/Medical Practitioner.

The IMM GSM will appoint the scribe. There is a scribe fee per module which is for the student's account.