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Private Invigilation


The IMM GSM has a Private Invigilation option available to both local and international students who reside outside of a 150 km radius of an existing IMM GSM Examination venue. The aim is to encourage all our students to progress and complete their designated Academic Programme.

This option allows students to provide the IMM GSM with the details of a Private Invigilator who will invigilate the exams that the student has to write. Once the Private Invigilator has been approved by the IMM GSM Academic Board, then this person will be contacted and informed of the procedure so that the student can complete his/her exams in a Private Invigilation setting.


Undergoing Private Invigilation requires the student to incur the costs of a private invigilation fee. View Fee Structure here.

The fee is used to cover the courier and administration costs of managing the student exam process. Normal IMM GSM fees will be applicable for student registration/renewal and exam registration. Past examination papers will be e-mailed to private invigilation students at no cost, on request in writing.

Private Invigilator

A Private Invigilator will be a responsible person who undertakes to receive and return the examination material to and from the IMM GSM and invigilate the student during the examination session, as per the IMM GSM Examination time-table. This Private Invigilator should work within an educational environment, i.e., Lecturer, Teacher or Principal. The examination venue should be an educational institution, i.e. College or University. The IMM GSM will require a confirmation letter/facsimile from the Invigilator’s superior, acknowledging his/her function. A private invigilation questionnaire will be forwarded to the invigilator and this must be returned to the IMM GSM together with a CV/resume, no later than 30 days prior to the examination date. Once the IMM GSM approves the Private Invigilator, a confirmation facsimile/e-mail is forwarded to the invigilator, for information and procedure purposes. The Private Invigilator signs the document, as confirmation of agreeing to the Rules, Regulations and Procedures, and returns this to the IMM GSM Examinations Co-ordinator.

Any costs to be paid to the Private Invigilator or for use of the examination venue, is the students responsibility.

Please take note of the following requirements:

  1. The student should write the exam/s using the South African time zone.
  2. The IMM GSM should be able to contact the invigilator at all times via phone, fax and e-mail. It is therefore imperative that the invigilator has access to the Internet, a printer and a scanner.
  3. The examination material will be made available on an IMM GSM website. The Private Invigilator will have an opportunity to test his/her computer connection to the secure website by downloading a test document. The examination question paper which the student must complete will be made available on the same website to the Private Invigilator shortly before the exam is to be written.
  4. The invigilator must, within one hour after the examination, scan the examination answer booklet and e-mail to the IMM GSM.
  5. After the student has completed writing all the subjects for that specific exam session, the invigilator must contact the IMM GSM who will instruct the IMM GSM appointed courier to collect all the original examination scripts.
  6. The Private Invigilator will invigilate the entire examination session as agreed with the student and the IMM GSM.

Private Invigilation Application form

All students must complete a private invigilation application form.

From time to time, the IMM GSM may locate a venue most suitable within a foreign country and make this information and pertinent details available to the student.

The student is required to keep the IMM GSM constantly updated of any changes in address, subject choice, invigilator or any other relevant information.

All queries may be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to 0861 IMM GSM (+27 11 628 2095)

Private Invigilation Student Renewal & Exam Entry

This facility is only available to IMM GSM students who have registered previously and have an IMM GSM student number. To access the student portal please click here.

PI Student Assignment Upload Facility

This facility is only available to IMM GSM students who have registered as Private Invigilation Students and who have paid the necessary fees.

Please upload your assignment through the following upload facilities if you have registered for the following module/s:

Undergraduate Programmes (Project/ Reports only)

Academic Literacy and Project 1 (ALP101) - Project

In order to upload your project before 15:00 please click here

Marketing Research: Project 3 (MRP302)

In order to upload your proposal for a marketing research topic of your choice please click here

Work Integrated Learning 3 (WIL301)

In order to upload your proposal/report by please click here

Postgraduate Programmes

Advanced Marketing Practicum (AMP401)

In order to upload your report please click here

Advanced Marketing Research: Report (AMRR402)

In order to upload your dissertation/proposal please click here

Postgraduate Assignments

In order to upload your postgraduate assignment please click here

Undergraduate Programmes - PI Student Assignment Upload Facility - In order to upload your assignment please click here