The IMM Graduate School has established a number of partnerships with local and international businesses and institutions.


As a recent acquisition of the IMM Graduate School, OXCOM in the UK have years of valuable online marketing and procurement material, and will be working in conjunction with the IMM Graduate School to bring you DVDs and online seminars by world-renowned experts. These resources cover a variety of important marketing- and business-related topics, as well as developing subject-specific online short courses.

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By virtue of studying at the IMM Graduate School you become a student member of the IMM Institute of Marketing Management (SA).

The Institute of Marketing Management has for decades been the pre-eminent marketing institution in southern Africa, and comprises marketers, alumni, students, and organisations throughout the country. The IMM (SA) is an enabler, bringing together like-minded individuals to share thoughts and experiences within the rapidly changing marketing, supply chain, and business environments. Upon graduation you can convert your membership to that of ‘individual member’ by paying an annual membership fee.

As your career progresses you will be able to improve your professional status by applying to become a Certified Professional Marketer South Africa – CPMkt (SA)


The AMC is the pan-African confederation of marketing institutes, associations, and bodies on the continent. It recognises Africa’s unique and varying cultures, languages, standards of education, and marketing challenges and aims to promote and maintain professional skills, ethics and integrity among African marketers.

Your student membership to the IMM (SA) allows you to access many of the benefits that are offered by the AMC. Once your studies are complete, you have obtained the CPMkt (SA) professional qualification, and provided you have sufficient work experience, you could apply for the most prestigious and highest professional qualification on the continent, the AMC’s sought after Certified Professional Marketer Africa – CPMkt (A).

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THE JOURNAL OF STRATEGIC MARKETING – the official publication of the IMM (SA)

Launched in 2008, the Journal of Strategic Marketing has become the leading publication in the marketing industry. Comprising high-level, well-researched and in-depth articles and interviews with strong academic focus, the Journal of Strategic Marketing lives up to its claim of being coherent, credible and courageous.

It includes regular unbiased perspectives of local and international marketing and industry trends, and features informed opinions from industry leaders, well-known academics, practitioners and trendsetters.

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